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Limit Enhancement

Increasing the spending power on your Swpie Credit Card is quick and easy, and offers you more financial freedom. A higher limit is also quite useful when dealing with emergencies

Zero hassle of managing multiple Credit Cards

Improved CIBIL score

Better Eligibility for Loans


Loan Against Credit Card (LACC)

When faced with a financial emergency, you can take a loan against your Swpie Credit Card limit and bridge the monetary gap.

Avail pre-approved loans within the credit limit of your card

Enjoy lowest interest rates in the market

Bid goodbye to lengthy documentation processes

Pay Credit Card bills

To ensure you are always on top of Credit Card bills, there are multiple options to seamlessly and swiftly clear credit dues via online or offline channels at zero cost.


ATM funds transfer

Auto-debit facility

Reward Points & Redemption

You purchase, we reward! With Swpie Credit Card, earn maximum benefits on spending along with flexible redemption options.

Get exclusive rewards on points earned

Redeem points on a wide range of products from lifestyle to personal care

our exciting rewards catalogue to know more